Free!!! or is it really?

Is getting things for free always better or treacherous? Do you really want something for free that would cost you not in monitory standards? Do you think it’s good enough to jeopardize your secrets for someone who is trading it for money but giving you free offers instead? And yes my concern is, have you ever thought of why the product available for free is actually FREE?


Let me get to the point of this post. I don’t want to give you knowledge about how social media is currently working on making our lives full of excitement and fun. Or are they really up to something that we don’t know about? As a social media lover it frightens me the way this amazing platform is shaping itself into. Evolving from a method of socializing, to making your life social and I do intent a lot of pun in here.


My word of concern right now is “Privacy”.  Something that the free world promises to give us, something that we could ask from by rights. What is privacy for us? An answer that must be well communicated to the organizations who doesn’t know what exactly “we” mean by privacy. For us, privacy means keeping things to ourselves. Things we don’t feel comfortable sharing with other people.


Think about this, how you would feel if you get up in the morning and this is the news flashing on your screen. VIZIO, a producer of smart TVspaid $2.2 million to settle charges from the Federal Trade Commission and the Office of the New Jersey Attorney General after VIZIO collected viewing data on 11 million consumer TVs without consent. How secure does your television sound to you right now? Think about every device monitoring you and giving some valuable information about you. It’s true that these mammoth companies have been selling the word “Personalize” to you while they do is snatching your privacy & sell your data. Their meaning of personalize is “Surveillance”.


Let me have the pleasure of quoting another example here. This one is said by Greg Sterling, vice president of strategy and insights of the Local Search Association: “Let’s say I’m McDonald’s and I want to see how many of my customers also eat at Chipotle because I’m trying to understand who my competitors are,” Sterling says. “I can figure out who has come to McDonald’s and who has also gone to Chipotle within a certain period of time in the aggregate.” How fascinating that would sound for the marketers of McDonald’s but how terrifying should it sounds for the customers. Every other company is trying to monitor all your activities just so that they can sell things in a better way to you.


Privacy is still a subjective matter because as you have seen, it has a different meaning to every individual. Some of us don’t mind giving away our personal data to firms in return of having better choices of products and services offered by them. But some of us don’t even want the company to know our email address or phone numbers because we feel creeped out about the fact that companies knows anything and everything about you and they are trying to sell products based on that data. The whole mission of big data and data collection is simply, it’s to know you better and personally so that you can be manipulated to buy their products. Now the decision is yours! Do you want to be known to them? Do you want to be manipulated by them? And don’t you want to be a person and not just a piece of data in this digital world?


Be Youself!

In the societal chess club, you are put through the thrust of outlook. A bubble of behavioral decortication. Potential Duce is sacked to be else’s shadow. Innovation becomes latent ideas. You are forced to believe what you are not. A system you need to chase throughout your life.

What is left of you? A substance of eclipse? A captive benthos? A creative carton or a looped stream? Get out of your psyche. Explore the Tyndall of life. Finally the choice is what you choose, either you lead or the other side needs no verb.

~ Power of freedom ~ #beyourself

Live forever!

I could feel the adrenaline through my veins. Looking into the eyes of my mates, I see trust, excitement, passion, love. A wave of fervour passed through my hands. I could feel it. Feel it right under my skin. And then the host says…
“Up next is Raakh the band!!!”
I always start jumping after listening to this. It’s not because of the elation but a way to calm down my heart beat. My mates look at me and we exchange a smile. A smile that pledges trust among each other. We all walk together on to the stage. Marking our territory for next one hour or so.
I start with my routine conversation with the crowd. A connect that has to be made before you play your music. While my band mates set up their beasts. And when we are all set, we do what we are best at. Make people sing along as, make them have a great time, connect them all through one chord. 
Suddenly everything goes blur, things around move in slow motion. I turn around and look at my drummer immersed intensely into his drumming. I see left towards my bass guitarist, happy as ever and smiling at the crowd playing the best of bass. Finally I look towards my guitarist, hitting the perfect chords dekkoing me with musical expressions and my ears hearing the crowd singing to the song we play. 
Its a feeling I wasn’t born for, but now that I have tasted it I am going to chase it. And mind you, I’ll have your back till I vanish jumping into that crowd. 
I miss you guys! And you better damn be ready with your beasts soon again.
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Evening thoughts!

When you dread through your hebdomad schedule of stressed knowledge injection and feel that you need more of SAPG in your life, it’s a sign for you to get out of your campus and pause the regression you are put through. 
Plan was to get out and reach the destination:SKH by walk. In expectations of having the best lime tea I could ever ask for in and around Ettimadai. Exaggeration is never my choice of weapon but yes it is the best lime tea I personally ever had. Can’t say if it the taste of tea or it is the feeling of having something in peace under the fresh air. 
Sitting there waiting for my friends to come, started a conversation with the staff there. Mr. Kuttan as usual with his weekly stories was ready and trust me it’s fun interacting with them over a cup of tea. 
And then this happened to me, I looked around the glasses of skh and noticed something so beautiful that I couldn’t stop myself from capturing it. A moment worth making your weekend awesome. With the cup of tea in my hands I went out and kept looking at it as it got blur and slowly faded away. This is what keeps us happy, just a single moment to efface all your stress of the week. 

#skhdiaries #natureispoaitiveness #beautifulweekend #skhlimetea


The world unknown is a catastrophe. What you know is just a beam. A beam irradiated by illuminati, an hazed over body concealed to befog the catastrophe.
Starting from unknown extinction of species to crunching out humans using the so called extremists. 

This is a war, a war headed by illuminates but putting you through the front lines.
What is it against? 
Is it the nature? Is it the human beings? Or is it something that we don’t know of. But remember, when the arrows shot from outside penetrates the debile wall, the victim are YOU and me who stand on the front line. 
It’s time we question our surroundings and not just stop there with it!

Be Youself!

In the societal chess club, you are put through the thrust of outlook. A bubble of behavioural decortication. Potential Duce is sacked to be else’s shadow. Innovation becomes latent ideas. You are forced to believe what you are not. A system you need to chase throughout your life. 
What is left of you? A substance of eclipse? A captive benthos? A creative carton or a looped stream? Get out of your psyche. Explore the Tyndall of life. Finally the choice is what you choose, either you lead or the other side needs no verb.
~ Power of freedom ~ #beyourself

LBA – Last Benchers Association !

The world is strangled in the strings of coming first in the race because someone told them coming first is same as being successful. Blah! We say it’s not the roof of the house which keeps it from falling but the basement. Classrooms also have roof and basement or people who sit in front and lead and people who sit back and…. Never mind.

Last benchers or back benchers have not been getting noticed at all or have been too much under notice from the start of the days. The kind of racism faced by the last benchers has been mounting up. Think of a kid, who sits in the last bench and if the teacher feels someone is talking in the class the first person to look at would be that kid. Is it his fault that he sat on the back bench and if people have a problem with last benchers then why do classrooms even have back benches.

 Yes we don’t answer in class but our listening skills are way better than others. Yes we sleep in the class but we manage to get our scores around the average of the class. We don’t believe in literacy, we believe in intelligence. We don’t believe in hard work, we believe in smart work. We might not be the best students in class but every professor remembers our name.

Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of being a back bencher:


1. More than 8 hours of sleep a day to keep yourself healthy.

2. Communication is a big part of knowledge sharing which people call murmuring.

3. How can you survive without being social? We are never offline on Facebook.

4. R&D is a major part of our lives. Everyday we come up with new multiplayer android games. 

5. Criticism is one of the best ways to improve others. We always try improving almost all our front benchers and sometimes professors.

6. Last bust not the least, no one has any expectations other than the banks you have taken an education loan from.


1. You never score high, as if you wanted to.

2. Get mocked by professors for nothing, even though it’s never nothing.

3. You are asked for answers in class, which you don’t know of and that’s probably the reason you are asked.

4. Incase you are trying to study, that would be the last day you have friends in your class.

5. You would never be loved by the front benchers and you must care about it only if you want to get married to one.

What we are trying to convey is, we have had enough of facing racism and we thought this could be one of the mediums to share our feelings. Relax!!! We are not being serious and we can never be serious.

It’s fun being a back bencher and funny living with people who share the common interest. 

In remembernce of all the last benchers who made it worse but adventurous for us.

Signing off,

Last Benchers Association

World’s Best Blog Post Ever!!!

When people say “what’s in the name?”, I am sure at that very moment they are very much proud of their names.

Why do you think you have clicked the link to this post? What made you do so? Is it really the content that you didn’t know about or the title that attracted you to this post. Think about it! If this blog post’s title was “selling your name : an art of physiological communication”, would you have wanted to see what it really is?

What I am trying to tell your mind is, the best way to sell yourself to a company, institute or any kind of person is to sell yourself by your name.

How do I sell myself by my name? How do I make an impact on other person with just my name? If Steve Jobs didn’t think of Apple and its success I am damn sure he would be just another Mr.Jobs. If Jack Ma didn’t think of Alibaba then he would have been just another Jack in this world.

Think deep and deeper now, you want to sell yourself by your name. If you want so, make sure that you have a story associated to your name. That story could be a successful one or a failure but what matters is a story to your name. What do you get from those stories which you obviously want to brag about to others? “Keywords”. Make yourself known to the world with these keywords. The equation being

Mr. Jobs+ innovative+ successful+ strong leader = Steve Jobs

Mr. Gates+ Rich + College dropout+ successful = Bill Gates

And now, put your name together with those keyword from your story and that’s how you have a “Name” which you would sell to this world.

This post isn’t the world’s best blog post but yes, the name or the title of this post was enough to make you read it and that’s how powerful and important names are.

Game of MBA Classroom

Towards north of the wall, the Rangers of the general management (night watch) were on the hunt for wildlings but to their surprise they saw a village which was destroyed and people were killed. The scared Rangers were in search of the reason behind it. Soon they were attacked and killed by a creature which had blue eyes and pale skin, they were called the data analytics (white walkers).

La…la….Lala la…la…. (Theme song)

Early morning in the classroom of MBA, house marketing and house finance (they always pay their debts) were trying to create a synergy for the good of the people of B-school. House operation (The class is dark and full of exams) was preparing for an army to attack at the classroom through the bay of quiz 1. Far away there was OB from the house HR with its three dragons named Ppt (weightage 10%) and other two case study (weightage 5% each). 

House HR was always a threat for Finance and so the Finance wanted OB to be killed. Marketing was always worried about the real war and so they kept saying “ANALYTICS IS COMING”.

OB freed the city of credits from 3 to 2 and so the slaves of credits called grades started following OB. She got the ships to sail to classroom and the real war began. It was called the war of end term. House HR attached Finance and finance was defeated as they weren’t good with people but only with numbers. Marketing was killed by operations as marketing never believed in the black magic of retail. Now Operations and HR had to fight together with the Analytic King.

During the war of end terms, people of classroom were injured, few were dead and a very few conquered and lived.

” In Game of MBA classroom, either you pass or you fail. There is no middle ground.”

One Happy ending (Part 4)

REMEMBER THE 3RD PART “GUNS POINTING ON HEAD”… this is the continuation of that part and the last part of this series.

Gun in her hand and she speaking some language that I swear I wanna act cool about but I can’t. I wish I had our secret Indian books that we get, remember “Learn Language of terrorism in just 30 days” with a hindi subtitle( varna paise wapas) Which I still don’t think is something true.

Shibana had a gun in her hand and this time she looked at me after talking to the CEO of terrorists present in the flight. I imagined she would signal me to stay low and she will do the matrix thing, That scene in slow motion if u remember but I realise that I could have been so stupid at that moment because I was even ready to wait for Dumbledore to come and help me out. My gorgeous Shibana was not looking so gorgeous with a gun in her hand and what she did next had me remember something and I’ll explain you what it was.

Do you remember the time we were kids and there was always one asshole in our class who used to swing his hands between our legs. That glorious moment when his hands makes your balls play ping pong. Yeah I am talking about the same exact pain which I was reminded of when Shibana to my surprise pointed the gun on my head suddenly and started saying some slogans in the fucking language which I never understood.

At that time all I could think was I slept with a terrorist and will I be having small little terrorist babies who will have guns in there hands from the time they will be out in this world. Seriously she had the gun pointed on my head and I was may be not suppose to freak out because if I did I knew she would have gladly guided those bullets into my brains and may be somewhere else which I can’t write over here.
I reacted.

Me: Baby, What the hell are you doing? I’ll buy some guns for you if you like them in the fair market which we have never our temples in festival seasons. This is not the write instrument to play with.
Shibana: □\{○}○《•}•♧○》●}

Exactly, This is what I understood out of what she told me..Nothing. She was like a snake that changed its skin because few minutes back she belonged to the Shakespeare breed and all of a sudden she turned up for team Osama.
And next I remember was she hit me on my head with the back side of the gun and it’s one hit was enough to faint me.

After few hours probably because I was fainted so don’t fucking expect me to be precise about the time now…

I got up and it was like I was at some “Yash Raj Films” Shooting set with all due respect to Chopra saheb. I am saying this because as soon as I got up I could see I was at some seashore and with 2 camera guys in front of me but I didn’t find the director chair over there. I was about to ask someone our famous Indian statement again when we see a shooting happening, which is ” Who is the hero of this movie brother?”
but then I realised I had a guy standing behind me with the gun pointed towards my head. And if he was about to shoot me I wanted to make a request to him that please shoot me from a little distance because I don’t want the gun to come so close to my head that it disturbs my hairstyle. Thats me guys when I see a camera in front of me I fucking don’t care if I am dying but all I wanna do is look good and I am sure many of you agree with me.

Guys now serious haa… a guy with a gun facing towards your ass is not at all an awesome situation to be in. So, I turned back to see the face that was going to assassinate me. Well you guessed it right guys it was Shibana and before she shot those bullets into my head I wanted to say something to her and I did.

Me: Do you wanna miss the guy who had sex with you for free??? I mean I am a rare case who caters his talent for no money. Do you really wanna do this?

and she replied…

Shibana: Shuushh… shut the fuck up.. this is not funny… now listen,when I tell you to lay low do it and don’t look up till the time I don’t tell you to do so. Now shut up and act for the camera.


Was she a spy or a double agent??? Did I sleep with a spy??? will I have little spy babies with guns in their hand? I don’t mind.
And that’s what I was thinking…

The CEO of terrorists was there making some announcement to the camera, I wish it was a live feed and I could go near the cam and interrupt him with the famous statement used in the US, that is “Fuck her right in the pussy” and I swear I am not making this up.. you can Google it. This is the famous line which is used when a reporter is doing a live feed for a new channel in public and a guy would come from behind with this amazing line shouting it out loud to the mic and camera. But yes back to the reality I didn’t have the balls to do so.

A few minutes later the CEO ordered Shibana to do something and that something being my murder I guess. And for the first time he said these three words in English language.
Terrorist: Three, two, one….

and the next word I heard was from Shibana…

Shibana: Get down!!!

And she started firing back at the terrorists and also there CEO and now let me explain this situation.

She had a gun in her hand and five terrorist around her which rightly excludes me from there count. She literally took down those 5 men in the “Fucking matrix slow motion style” I swear. As soon as I got up all the terrorists were dead and she standing there holding the gun, the one who saved my ass. I felt like doing the old bollywood style run towards her and jump on her with the Chorus in background ” Tu ru ru ru… tu ru ru ru…” but it would have been awkward so I didn’t.

Cut to…..

She came to the Airport to drop me for my flight back to Mumbai and she told me a secret which she never told to anyone. She was a Agent working for CIA…
Note: Grow up if you think she was from Quantico.

And so I was back to my country, my work and yeah this is one fucking adventurous journey I ever had.


Note for the readers:

I know you wanted the Indian government to take some action and send some commandos to the plan and do a rescue operation but seriously this is not a fucking bollywood movie either. Lastly thanks for your patience and do comment about the whole series.